TECHNICAL CONVERTING PAPER S.A. is a Greek company aiming to develop and expand, despite the current economic situation the country experiences.  Everyone's vision is to create a company that will be based on high production standards, in spaces similar to those of other European businesses, having a dynamic organizational structure to meet the demands of global competition. The company’s course so far constitutes proof of everyone’s hard world and dedication to the vision and goals of the administration.

The primary goal is for the company to be established in the domestic market in both paper tubes and paper corners, and then expand to other countries. Since 2014 it has started exporting, establishing partnerships with major companies in Cyprus, Lebanon, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Skopje, Albania and Bulgaria, while in 2017 there have been contacts for exports to Chile, Algeria, New Zealand and Spain.

TECHNICAL CONVERTING PAPER S.A. has structured all its efforts onto the principles that can promote its vision. Consistency is the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy, since focusing on customer needs leads to a mutually profitable collaboration. Observing company commitments, guaranteeing product quality and reliability, and believing in excellence are the core values ​​that ultimately ensure the best results for both the company and its customers.