Paper Tubes

The paper tube of TECHNICAL CONVERTING PAPER S.A. under the brand name TEXtubes is a packaging material made of multiple sheets of recycled paper, internally glued together, and an outer and inner paper that can be recycled or primary kraft depending on the use of the product. The main use of the paper tube is the wrapping of various industrial products, packaging for posting materials and documents, as well as a number of other uses depending on the desired application. There is a wide variety on paper tube sizes, with an inner diameter of 13 to 450 mm, a thickness from 1 to 17 mm and length from 10 to 6000 mm. The company can also print linear logos inside or outside the tube of 1 to 4 colors.

The types of paper tubes are:

  • Postal tubes
  • Small cylinders
  • Small tubes
  • Tubes for tapes and labels
  • Tubes for films/ aluminum/ flexible packaging
  • Textile tubes
  • Special tubes