Edge Protectors

The paper corner of TECHNICAL CONVERTING PAPER S.A. under the brand name TEXcorner is a packaging material made of multiple sheets of recycled paper, internally glued together, and an outer paper that can be recycled or primary kraft depending on the use of the product. The main use of the paper corner is the safe transport of goods for both the industrial and agricultural sectors, offering stability, protection and homogeneity on the pallet whether it is tied with a stretch film or just with hoops. There is a wide variety on paper corner sizes from 30 to 100 mm, symmetrical or asymmetrical, with a thicknesses of 2.5 to 10 mm, and a height from 50 up to 6000 mm. The company can also print linear logos in the paper corners of 1 to 4 colors.

The types of paper corners are :

  • Industrial ΙΤ brown
  • Industrial ΙΤ white
  • Industrial ΙGT brown or white with internal hot melt glue
  • Industrial Toothed ΙTΤ brown or white
  • Waterproof FT brown or white